Meet Our Talent

Put together the flying abilities of Superman, the geeky tech gadgets of Batman and the mind-reading abilities of Charles Xavier, and what do you have?

The greatest superhero of all time?

Definitely, and you’d also have the collective talent team here at Revere Advertising.

Ok, well maybe we don’t actually have those superpowers… yet, but when it comes to the field of digital marketing, this teams combined capabilities and accomplishments give us the ability to get you superhero results, and have fun in the process.


In my previous life, I was a lawyer. I’ve now been in the digital advertising world for the last 3 years starting with an Account Management role at Facebook in New Zealand. I then went on to start my own boutique agency serving the heart-centered information space and the Wellness Industry.

I’m married to a wonderful man and together we love to travel the world and our adventures take us deep into the mountains and the oceans. We love to surf, climb, mountain bike, and hike in our free time.

I love the fast-paced, ever-changing digital marketing world. I love strategy, I love the synergy between the creative and technical. I love working with a smart team and helping businesses get their incredible business messages out to the world.

I love writing copy and understanding how to serve the needs and wants of my audience.

The thing that lights me up the most in life is connecting with people.

I am so excited to work with such a creative, brilliant team here at Revere Advertising and to work on so many amazing clients whose message I feel passionately about sharing with the world.


I’ve been building things since I was a kid—from an educational nonprofit to a graphic novel publishing company to a video marketing business—all before I knew what marketing really was. By the time I finally found out, I was already hooked on the energy, unique narratives, and power of analytics that drive modern marketing. In June of 2017, I graduated from Princeton University—a “recovering” history major, mercifully allowed to write my senior thesis on something completely unrelated to European Intellectual Revolutions — A Genealogy of Human to Human Marketing.

I’ve had the great pleasure of working on the marketing team at Digital Marketer in Austin under Ryan Deiss and Molly Pittman, as well as at Zynga, leading a team of interns to solve Zynga.Org’s concerns about charitable donations through mobile apps. And now, I am thrilled to join the team at Revere.

Outside of work, I enjoy cooking, strategy games, and the passive consumption of podcasts and music (Spotify tells me I listened to over 29,000 minutes of music last year.) Things that currently fascinate me in marketing include, but are not limited to: • Dark Social • Chatbots • Cause Marketing • And Outwitting Facebook’s Algorithm


I am an Account Manager specializing in Facebook Pay-Per-Click Advertising where I create advertising campaigns for accounts and work with the creative team to create eye catching ads with positive messages for advertisers.

My studies include both Journalism and Media Management at Marywood University where I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts and a Master of Arts in Communications. Continuing education is an important component of staying relevant in the digital marketing world and working at Revere Advertising has been an education in its own right.

I am recently married to the woman of my dreams and we just bought our first house (which was a two year journey). I volunteer with a several non-profits which benefits various causes such as the local Boys and Girls Club plus service projects throughout the year. My love of reading and learning goes right back to the education part of the job as there is something new to learn everyday and we have the resources and ambition to learn at Revere Advertising.


I cannot recall a time where I wasn’t in love with online marketing. My journey into the marketing world started when I acquired my first Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with a double major in Marketing and Finance.

I later earned a second Bachelor’s degree in Advertising and Public Relations from the University of Tampa followed by a Masters of Science degree in Marketing from the University of Wales. I’ve accumulated more than 5 years of professional experience in the Digital Marketing field.

In my free time, I like to play ping pong, salsa dancing and reading about new technologies. I consider myself very lucky to be part of this great team here at Revere Advertising.


I am a passionate graphic designer specializing in web design and print media. I have been in the designing world for eight years and I am still very dedicated to learning more designing techniques and how to convert features into benefits for achieving client objectives. I am a Fine Arts graduate in my university majoring in Advertising Arts which is where I developed more as an artist. In my spare time, I love spending time with my daughter, who means the world to me. I am also fond of binge watching television series, cooking and sketching. I am very proud and blessed to be part of Revere Advertising that practically lets me learn and explore new techniques in every project.


I’m a writer and editor living in Minneapolis, MN, with my husband and two daughters. The thing that lights me up about writing for clients is when I can capture their voice — the things they’d say, the way they’d say them, the things they wanted to say but weren’t quite sure how — in a way that makes them feel super excited and proud of the work they’re doing in the world.

When I’m not writing copy for clients, I write a lot of creative nonfiction and am set to finish up a manuscript in 2018. I hang out with my kiddos and play the ukulele and make tasty food. Also laundry. We do a lot of that.

We love to travel and show our girls the wide world. In the winter, we ski and sled and pretend we’re not freezing our buns off, and the rest of the year, we love to hike and camp and let the girls get all muddy and tree-branchy in the woods. We live in a small house with an even smaller house in the backyard that we just built and that is super cool. If you ever want to stay there when you’re visiting Minneapolis, you can.


Prior to venturing into business for myself I was the Director of SEM at Pepperjam (now an ebay company) where I managed multi-million dollar advertising budgets. Before Pepperjam I worked for Solid Cactus (now a company) as the General Manager of Online Advertising where I spearheaded the online advertising division for one of the largest Yahoo store development companies. During my time at Pepperjam and Solid Cactus, I helped both companies achieve the Inc. 500 recognition.

I’ve managed paid ad campaigns for top brands like Amazon, DKNY, Everlast, Frigidaire,,, University of Pennsylvania, and LIVESTRONG, and now here at Revere Advertising we help industry leaders leverage the power of paid media.

I regularly attends top industry conferences such as Search Engine Strategies, SMX, Affiliate Summit, Internet Retailer, Traffic & Conversion Summit, SEOmoz, ad:tech and more, where I meet and collaborate with brilliant minds and other superheroes in the marketing industry, and stay on top of cutting edge marketing strategies.

On a personal note… in 2016 I married the love of my life, Heidi DeCoux. We had a 3-day BIG fat Indian wedding (if you’re interested you can see pics of the festivities over on Heidi’s blog). We have two charities that we founded and operate together (along with my mom), and for fun we travel the world and enjoy the “laptop lifestyle”.